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experiences define our paths in life.

Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.
- Aldous Huxley

Through the years, I have traveled to many places and have experienced different things. Through the process I have learned many new cultures and ideas. All an extension to my roots grounded in Hawaii. The longer I grow from my roots the more I have a better understanding of what my path is. At the same time, knowing that every step will lead me back to where it all started.

Only in Hawaii
(right) Spring 1998 - Governor Ben Cayetano
(left) Keawekapu Beach, Maui
(middle) Hanalei, Kauai
(right) The Road to Hana
Youth Legislature 1998
Keawekapu Beach Kauai Taro Patch On the Road to Hana
Chicago from Sears Tower Chicago, Illinois - "Chitown"
(left) Spring 2000 - 99th floor of the Sears Tower.
(left) Spring 2000 - The Quad at UIUC.
(middle) Spring 2000 - In the "Windy City."
(right) May 2000 - Navy Pier with my sisters.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chicago next to House of Blues On the Navy Pier
New York City, New York -Thanksgiving 98
(right) The World Trade Centers
(left) Madison Square Garden
(middle) Broadway
(right) Times Square with MTV Studios above.
The World Trade Center 1998
Madison Square Garden The Lion King Times Square
Siloulette of Washington Monument Washington, DC
(left) Fall 1998 - The Washington Monument
(left) Fall 1998 - The Natural History Museum.
(middle) Spring 1999 - The National Cathedral
(right) Spring 1999 - Alexandria on the Potomac.
National Museum of Natural History National Cathedral Alexandria on the Potomac River
Niagra Falls, New York
(right) Summer 2002 - Niagra Falls from Canada
(left) HorseShoe Falls, Canada
(middle) A close of Niagra Falls
(right) Capital District Circle K Members
Horseshoe Falls, Canada Close up of Niagra Falls Capital District Circle K
Camping in Giles County, Virginia Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia
(left) Camping in the Woods of Southwest Virginia
(left) The Crew
(middle) Summer 2002 - The Cascades
(right) Virginia Tech Football Scoreboard in 1999
The Crew The Cascades 1999 VT Football Season
Indianapolis, Indiana
(right) Posing in front of an Indy 500 pace car
(left) Looking down a street in the heart of Indianapolis
(middle) Civil War Monument
(right) Downtown Indianapolis
Posing in front of a Indy 500 pace car
A snapshot a street in Indianapolis Civil War Monument Downtown Indianapolis
In front of water fountain, University of Indiana, Bloomington University of Indiana, Bloomington and Indianapolis Zoo
(left) In front of water fountain, University of Indiana, Bloomington
(left) Indianapolis Zoo
(middle) Lizards at Indianapolis Zoo
(right) Baby elephant at Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis Zoo Indianapolis Zoo Indianapolis Zoo
All paths lead back to home.
(right) An Afternoon Front Street Lahaina, Maui
(left) Lahaina Shoreline
(middle) Beach next to the Maui Prince Resort
(right) At the end of all travels... A Hawaiian Sunset.
An Afternoon Front Street Lahaina
A snapshot of the Lahaina Shoreline An afternoon in Paradise Nothing like a Hawaiian Sunset

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