fine art: senior studio in the armory at virginia tech, 2003
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Drapery Self Portrait Perspective Gallery
Self Portrait
Graphite Pencil
Perspective Gallery
Graphite Pencil
Armory Window An Arm and a Leg Female Nude
Armory Window
An Arm and a Leg
Oil Painting
Female Nude
Oil Painting
Skull Summer Tree twentyfour
Skull (close up)
Oil Painting
Summer Tree
Oil Painting
Oil Painting, 5 x 20in squares
Rose Study 1 Rose Study 2 Rose Study 3
Rose Study 1
Rose Study 2
Rose Study 3
Tropical Flower Fall Tree Study 1 Fall Tree Study 2
Tropical Flower
Fall Tree Study 1
Fall Tree Study 2
Green Ceramic Bowl White Ceramic Bowl Blue Sun Ceramic Bowl
Green Bowl
White Bowl
Blue Sun Bowl
Turtle View 1 Turtle View 2 Turtle View 3
Turtle View 1
Built with pvc pipe and plaster
Turtle View 2
and painted
Turtle View 3
Symbolizes the balance of time.
Crayon View 1 Crayon View 2 Crayon View 3
Crayon View 1
Crayons hot glued together
Crayon View 2
and coated with mudge podge
Crayon View 3
so it cannot be used.
Fountain Front Fountain Bamboo Close Up Fountain Rocks
Bamboo Water Fountain
A dismantled electric wok
Close up of Bamboo water Fountain
with a live bamboo plant
Fountain Rocks
surrounded by slate and river rock
Gingerbread House Gingerbread House Front Gingerbread House Roof
Gingerbread House
First Place Team
Gingerbread House Front Door
Nothing like twizzler's for bricks
Gingerbread House Roof
Created roofing with Frosted Flakes.
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