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The Capital Courier

The Capital Courier
Volume 40 Edition 1

Captial District Circle K International

As the Capital District Editor, I was responsible for publishing five newsletters throughout the administrative 2001-2002 calendar. Each newsletter needed to communicate with over 500 members in the District which included colleges from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Each issue covered various items from featured District Service projects to individual club accomplishments. Each issue was distributed by print and through the Capital District Circle K International website.

The Capital Courier Volume 40 Edition 1: A year to begin.

The Capital Courier Volume 40 Edition 2: Looking ahead. Preparing for tomorrow.

The Capital Courier Volume 40 Edition 3: Welcome to the Capital District CKI

The Capital Courier Volume 40 Edition 4: Fall Edition

The Capital Courier Volume 40 Edition 5: Year in Review

Fall Training Rally 2001 Flyer

D2 Grand Opening Fall 2004

D2's Grand Opening
Dessert Line Up
Fall 2004

Dietrick Dining Center - Special Event Layout / Design

During my time at Dietrick Dining Center at Virginia Tech, I had the opportunity to take part in the planning and execution of several special events. These events included holidays such as Thanksgiving where I designed and built a centerpiece for a carving station. I also designed a Chirstmas set up complete with a tree and a display of student made gingerbread houses.

During the 2004 / 2005 academic year, I was responsible for several set ups and displays that included a dessert set up for D2's Grand Opening and Ice Cream Socials such as our Super Sundae night.

Every semester D2 throws Customer Appreciation Dinners and in the 2005 Spring Meal it was themed around an Art Show. I was responsible for getting artwork from the students and displaying them.

Dietrick also has a newsletter, "DietrickHub" that I helped to design and publish. I also do some signage in house and other projects like the training manual which we are currently updating.

Thanksgiving Center Piece
Thanksgiving Bread Display
Holiday Dinner Buffet
Holiday Bread Display
Holiday Gingerbread Display
Holiday Gingerbread Display 2

Grand Opening 1
Grand Opening 2
Grand Opening Lobster
Super Sundae Night
Super Sundae Set Up
Super Sundae Set up 2

Eden's Display
Seafood Gumbo Display
Seafood Gumbo Display 2
Art Show Gallery 1
Art Show Gallery 2
Art Show Gallery 3
Art Show Gallery 4

Dietrick Hub Edition 1
Dietrick Hub Edition 2
Dietrick Hub Edition 3
Avoid the Crowd

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