photography: self portrait, my very own nikon slr camera
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Banyan tree in old Sugar Mill

the phases of a banana leaf

driftwood in lahaina

lilibeth on tree at sunset

Life captured in a moment; remembered forever. Through every phase of our lives a camera flashed, a shutter blinked, and someone made those infamous bunny ears. Photographs captured more than birthdays, travels, or challenges they also captured the feeling of that moment in time. The raw emotion of relationships, struggles, and accomplishments.


Hawaiian : this is a galley of various locations around the Island of Maui. From the sandy beaches to the the valleys and the mountains that make up Maui.

Virginia : pictures of the Cascades in Giles County, Virginia and some locations on the Virginia Tech campus.


People : a collection of photoshoots on the Island of Maui with my sister and some other family pictures.

Lahaina Sunset : this photoshoot was taken on the last day of 2006. We stopped on the side of the road near sunset and took pictures at a kiawe tree. This is a large gallery but it chronicles the sunset and captures the last day of the year.

Kapalua, Maui : Kapalua is a resort town on the Island of Maui. This shoot was taken just outside of the the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. The location is on a strech of lava rock that reached into the Pacific ocean. Often times, the natural beauty and formations are the best places for picture taking.


Hamakuapoko : commonly known as H-Poko, this is the location of the original Maui High School. The school has not been in use for several decades and over the years have just been left alone. Recently, a non-profit organization started the restoration on the building.

Old Sugar Plantation Mill : One day, I went to work with my father who works for the local sugar plantation. He brought me to this old sugar mill near H-Poko. It was interesting to see how the banyan trees grew on the sugar mill walls.

Maui Arts and Cultural Center : the MACC was completed in 1994. This world-class facility hosts many concerts, plays, and performances for the Island of Maui. We visited in December 2006 and came across an exhibit of Sam Kaha'i'euanalio Ka'ai.

Virginia Tech April 16th Memorial : On April 16, 2007, 32 lives were lost in the worst mass shooting in the USA. Days after the tragedy, this memorial was built to honor each of the fallen Hokies. We will never forget them.

a night at the fair : Woodbridge, VA - a night at the fair with my sisters and my little nephew. This was in parking lot near my sister's apartment in Northern Virginia. This was one of the first times I was using my new Nikon D40x.

Still Life

Architecture : a collection of buildings on the Virginia Tech campus including my work place and Front Street, Lahaina.

Family Cats : a gallery of pictures that I took of our family cats.

Plants : a collection of various plants.

Hahn Garden : this was one of my first shoots with my new Nikon digital camera. I was impressed with how everything came out. It was a prefect summer afternoon to take a stroll in the garden.

The Farm : this is a gallery of my father's farm. He grows various fruits and vegetables that he sells to the local markets.

Photographs were taken with the following cameras: Nikon Coolpix 5900 Digital, Nikon N65 SLR, Sony Mavica FD-88 Digital, and Canon EOS Elan SLR
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