artist statement: wire fence at sunset.
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artist statement: wire fence at sunset.

I am a balanced artist that deals with various forms of art itself. I have worked with oil paints, watercolor, drawing (charcoal and graphite), photography, sculpture, food presentation, special event design, and the digital realm of graphic design and web design.

As a young artist, I am discovering the many perspectives of an artistís world. My current work investigates todayís art concept of modern and contemporary. My foundation is derived from the experiences in my life including my Maui roots and upbringing.

My experiences in Blacksburg, Virginia with its mountains, hills, and open spaces has inspired me to see the beauty in a changing landscape. Growing up on Maui, one of the things that I have not experienced is the changing of seasons. Iíve captured this new experience through many photographs over the seven years that I have lived in Blacksburg.

I am inspired by the colors of the islands and the rich tradition of the Hawaiian culture. I capture my roots of an Island life through the use of watercolor. The fluidity of the color on the paper often reminds me of the oceans and the beautiful sunsets that I often took for granted while growing up. My time away has given me an opportunity to, not only realize how important my roots are but to share them across the ocean.

I am intrigued by the technological advances of the past several years. The Internet has given me another venue to share my work. With my knowledge of graphics software and the programming of websites, I have developed my own website that encompasses not only my works, but also my thoughts on this life.

I strongly believe that art is the development of the mind, the spirit, and the soul of the person. Through my works, I hope to capture my life as I discover it day by day, the accomplishments as well as the struggles of this journey.

We build our lives a day at a time. The years keep going and changes occur in each. But what do not change are the memories. They will forever be the paths of our lives.

Lance L. Mailem

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