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Sunday, August 21, 2005 12:11:25 AM EST


I inserted the last quarter into the washing machineÖ itíll be about 27 minutes until the last cycle is done. WaitingÖ Iím reading through the pages of my book, seeing the drawings of yesterday. Reflecting while I wait, I come across these words that I wrote in January:

Sands between the pages
Covers bent and worn
Sketches, scribbles, words
Reflections of travel
Thoughts on life
Gathering the experiences
Going back in time
To the beginning of where it all started
Seeing the changes each year
Experience the growth of family
Realizing that weíre not kids anymore
Knowing in our hearts that the moments stand still
Driving by the old streets
Remembering what they used to be
Hearing the voices and the laughter
The parties and the holidays
The happier times with less worry
Weíre growing older
Stuck in a daily routine
Satisfied for today
Being challenged in all directions
Sometimes knowing how to react on instinct
Giving it time and patience to decide

I wrote this after my vacation in Hawaii where I spent a lot of time with my family. Weíre not kids anymore, but I still remember the times when we all had less to worry about. Things are different now. We are miles apart and in different phases of our lives but we are all grounded by the values that we were raised on: life, respect, and family. Our experiences together have prepared us for the road ahead of us. If you asked us ten years ago where each of us would be, we would not have imagined that we would be where we are today.

Week in and week out, itís been a constant routine. When I was younger, I thought that being older would be much easier. I realize now that it is not easy at all. As a young adult, I have a management position, bills and student loans to pay, a passion for art that I try to fit in, time to time, and dreams to ponder. Iím satisfied for the moment but I expect more. Iíve reached my first set of goals, but where do I go from here?

From my experiences so far, I know that things donít always go the way I want them to. It often never does, but that is the rhythm of life. We each have to be living and feeling the beat in order us to flow into the next sequence. I donít know where I will be within the next twenty-five years of my life. But I do know that I have a new set of dreams that I hope to accomplish.

Flowing in all directions the opportunities will present themselves. I will be wading with patience on the comforts of my foundation. Iíll be cautious with the shifting sands under my feet. The waves of time will be breaking with each emotion. The steps of my life will be grounded by the experiences, opened for today, carried on for tomorrow.

Itís been 27 minutes and my clothes are ready to be dried. I place all of my washed clothes in my basket and head over to the dryers. I place them inside the tumbler and after the last quarter I press the start button and wait.

let my words be my thoughts... the reflections and truths of my life.

Sincerely, Lance Mailem

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