reflections at the end of the day
Let my words be my thoughts... the reflections and truths of my life. - Lance Mailem

ABCs of my life. adaptation. balance. courage. dream. energy. foundation. growth. hope. initiative. just. knowledge. love. maturity. noble. open. patience. quailty. real. sacrifice. tradition. unique. value. will. x. youth. zeal.

The path of our lives. We build our lives a day at a time. The years keep going and changes occur in each. But what does not change are the memories. They will forever be the path of our lives.

Truth about Friends. We build friendships only to see it fall apart with time. But the truest friends constantly build bonds. Never letting time or place or people separate the connection. Never stop discovering... listening... and never stop caring.

Changes. As we continue on this journey... we learn that things don't stay the same. it keeps going... taking us by surprise. At times knowing that it is coming but still want to hold on to what we started. The toughest aspect of it all is accepting the changes. adapting to the realization that the world changes, society changes, we change.

Experiences. Do me a favor... open your mind to the world... soak up every experience. leave no drop. think. listen. understand. things don't stay the same. don't take things for granted. appreciate it from that moment on. as you grow and learn remember those times... they will become a part of your path and a piece of your heart.

Never forget about the... power of respect. company of friends. hunger of knowledge. cry of sadness. sweat of work. pain of challenge. struggle of life. smile of accomplishment. laugh of children. memories of yesterday. dreams of tomorrow. hope of today.

The person i am. Life is too short to wait for others. Teaching them the values of life is a waste of time when they don't appreciate the good that I constantly give them by being the person i am.

The more I think. The more I learn about this life I was given. it is hard to believe how far I have come - of the journey that i have traveled. The more i think. The more i realize that life is a struggle. The toughest part of it all is not knowing what tomorrow will bring. The more i think. The more i have hope about today. It is today that I make a difference.

Follow your path... Although we have the choices in our lives, the outcome will not be the way that we constantly dream about day to day. Life does that to each of us. It teases us but at the same time it teaches us, challenges us, and motivates us to continue on our journey.

Beyond. Go beyond the shy and quiet structure and you will learn and discover the beauty and wisdom that constantly lives within.

Years have past... Our minds have developed and expanded. Always, constantly absorbing the knowledge of the world. Our experiences have given us rewards that cannot be measured by wealth of money but by the power of wisdom.

Distant Star. We each have the power, experience, and knowledge to be anything we wish to be. We have the world around us to help capture that ever distant star.

The more you grow... The more you realize... that life is not what you dreamt of not what you thought or hoped for but you have one opportunity to make something out of it.

Myself. As much as I think and learn, the one thing I have to realize is that there is only one person in my life that i can change. myself.

close window

journey and experience.
Through every stage of this journey
I will be patient and not hurry
The moments that we share
Knowing that we all care
About the good times and bad
Not letting our experiences fade like a fad

mean more.
i question every day
do my words cast a ray
are my thoughts clear
do they read and hear
do they even care
about what i have to share
when it's all said and done
i hope they realize in the long run
my words will mean more
than just a bore.

my thoughts.
i don't write those rhymes
or romantic chimes
i don't write them jokes
but sometimes the quotes
i write about my life
the reflections and thoughts
my lessons and laughs
the truths, views, and beliefs.
there is only one dalance.

look up into the clouds and you will see
beauty and heaven wherever you may be
watching and waiting with every glance
the changing shapes constant in a dance
lighting up our dreams with it's rays
giving us hope throughout our days

midnight sky.
There is nothing like the midnight sky
It gives you a moment in time to think
A moment in your life to smile or even cry
Thinking and relating the link
Between the present and your past
Seeing and realizing the distance you traveled
Wanting every experience to last
Knowing that each moment is something to be marveled
Having pride with every step that you built
Taking you to another higher place
Every struggle, pain, and happiness felt
Being expressed in your changing face
Even in the darkest of light
I can always see and get by
Without any strain or fight
My life in the midnight sky. It is I.

walking again.
In the cool darkness of night
Images of yesterday are brought into light
Iím focused on the history
Seeing in my mind my own story
Feelings just cross my mind
Every emotion flowing in a line
The path Iíve followed before
Thoughts are at the core
Years gone by
Events go at a fly
Capturing my life
With every step and strife
Slowing down the time
Building on every climb
The experiences Iíll gain
Will only come with all the pain
But you know what
That is not a lot
Because itís my path, my journey
Iíll be patient and not hurry
Itís all in the plans
No ifs, buts, or ands
Like they say, things are meant to be
Itís there and Iíll just wait and see

copyright 2007 | a dalance design.